kai peter groschupf

Hi guys, my name is Kai and I am the creator of Groschi Automotive. You might already know me and some of my video content from my previous YouTube channel Kaipeternicolas. Groschi Automotive, is the next step.

I grew up in a car family in southern Germany. Since my father has been testing cars for over 40 years, I grew up having a new test car in the driveway every other week. Driving is just in my blood, and over the years, I’ve learned a lot about cars and know that there is more to them, than just numbers.

I mostly care about the overall feel of a car. How emotional and engaging it is, not so much how quickly it can hit 100 kph or pass a quarter mile. And because of my “Germanness”, details like build quality, infotainment structure and materials used within the car are also things I look at, and give my 2 cents about.

That being said, I hope I can give you some good, interesting and emotional content, that’s a bit different from other car content that’s already out there.

I hope to see you on Groschi Automotive! Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and leave some thumbs up!